New Hope United Methodist Church
Friday, November 24, 2017

Prayers & concerns

If you need a prayer chain please call 973-2285

Our prayers are with you



 Ann Gollot (back surgery)

Judy Burns (Faye Johnston’s Cousin – Cancer)   

Carolyn Cain (Susan Hopkins’ sister-in-law)  

Melissa Murphy    -   Thomas Paul Hopkins (Levi Hopkins’ brother)  

Agnes  Strachan (Cancer) - Shirley Norris' s son-in -law (Cancer) - Mary Brazile  

                                                Shirley Norris's great grandson, Mason (Asthma)


Carol Morris - Somerby

Betty Reeves and Connie Duke - Mobile Nursing /Rehab


People on Active Military Duty
          Kyle Cobb        Tyler Doyle  
Rob Hartley  Zachary Jarrell    Chris Henderson     Skip McKinnon       Ryan Turner  


Please take a moment each day to pray for these and any others you may know.



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